Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sandy Springs secedes...

... from Fulton County, defined benefits, conventional wisdom and a whole lot more.

Check out what's brewing down South.

Fake turf warning at 4:16

While watching this, we were struck by what a change in culture it would take to accomplish anything remotely the same here in San Diego where the unions are fighting tooth and nail against something as commonplace as defined benefits for new city employees let alone changing any existing bennies.


Foxfier said...

Ah, literal astro-turf.

I would point out that they are affluent, so not all results will be this good; that said, privatizing is of course a good idea. Coyote Blog's entire business points this out!

Private companies can do things public "servants" can't-- their liability is also limited.

Dean said...

Having a solid tax base doesn't hurt but as Orange County, CA in the 90s proved, incompetence can overcome about anything.