Monday, April 11, 2011

Forget smart power...

... we got girl power.

What with all the budget talk, I was just wondering whether that third war – or kinetic scope-limited whachamacallit – was still going. You remember, it was in all the papers for a couple of days. So I guess things have gone quiet because it’s all wrapped up now?

The polls closed a little over a day ago and just as the tea party movement is, in large part, run by women, it appears the majority of you believe our foreign policy is now being dictated by women, namely: Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power (pictured) and Susan Rice.

And as Libya is proving, not just any foreign policy but an incoherent and ill-defined, America-definetely-not-first, globalist one that is long for appearances and short for actual results.

Lobbing cruise missiles and enforcing no-fly zones, multi-nationally and for humanitarian purposes and ... hope. Get used to it.


SarahB said...

There is nothing dirtier than a girl fight and the taxpaying, baby making tea party bitches are ready to throw down with the liberal globalist prunes any day.

Dean said...

I love it!

Road Dawg said...

Jeesh Sarah! Remmind me not to piss you off!