Thursday, April 28, 2011

(Insert clever Pink Floyd reference here)

As we were really good students all through our formal cirricula, people are sometimes taken aback to hear that we did not like school and, in fact, somewhat dreaded the rigid structure and numbing monotony of the K-12 school life. And it wasn't like we were any fire-breathing Objectivist carrying around a copy of The Fountainhead
in our backpack - it just seemed that there should've been a more effective and efficient way of education. At the end of the day, asking a 12-year old kid to sit still for 5 or 6 individual 50-minute sessions seems patently ridiculous.

So, some years on, we're wondering, where the heck was this guy when we were growing up?

"Schools by their very structure are preparing kids for some sort of authoritarian lifesytle."

"For all the arts we have to allow for trial and error, experimentation, complete liberty and even caprice."

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Harrison said...

Did you not get any pudding in school?