Friday, June 8, 2012

Fast and Furious update


The miserable hack that runs the Justice Department again trudged up to Capitol Hill yesterday and again stonewalled Congress looking into the wildly successful federal-operated gun-running scheme.

We're going to scale back coverage of this because at this point we're rehashing the same material and until Congressman Issa (R-CA) serves a contempt charge on Holder, there's really no use in boring everyone with the same information. As a taste of just what a farce these hearing have become, the miserable hack would like you to know that emails describing "Fast and Furious" weren't really referring to "Fast and Furious".

Attorney General Eric Holder claimed during congressional testimony today that internal Justice Department emails that use the phrase “Fast and Furious” do not refer to the controversial gun-walking operation Fast and Furious.

Under questioning from Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who read excerpts of the emails at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Justice Department oversight, Holder claimed that the phrase “Fast and Furious” did not refer to Fast and Furious but instead referred to another gun-walking operation known as “Wide Receiver.”

However, the emails refer to both programs -- "Fast and Furious" and the "Tucson case," from where Wide Receiver was launched -- and reveal Justice Department officials discussing how to handle media scrutiny when both operations become public.

Got it.

How it is that there has not been either a special prosecutor assigned or a contempt charge slapped on Holder's ass is completely beyond us.

Again, we'll get back to you all when something substantive has happened.


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