Monday, June 25, 2012

Image of the day


Image below, courtesy KT:

That from NARAL (the National Abortion Rights of America League or something or another)

tagline: Pro-choice America fights to protect the right to choose. Join us!

You would be pleased to know that without all that fighting, you have the choice on whether or not to have sex.

And also without all that fighting, you certainly have the choice to provide for your own birth control.

We find it the height of irony that NARAL, forever linked to the feminist movement, should fight to see women dependent upon an outside entity to provide for its constituent members' reproductive services.

All to show just how intellectually incoherent the broader movement really is.

Remember, these are the same people whose battle cry used to be "Keep your laws off my body!"

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K T Cat said...

Isn't the intellectual bankruptcy of the other side amazing? I can't fathom living in that world. If our side was putting out such trash, I'd bail out. It's like reading pro-slavery tracts from the 1850s where the author describes just why certain races were inferior. I don't know if even that analogy holds, this stuff is so unbelievably awful.

I keep hoping the trolls on Twitter posting on #fortnight4freedom come up with something better, but it's just a total intellectual desert out there.

Doo Doo Econ said...

Rationalization is man's most dangerous flaw. The people who assault every aspect of individual responsibility rationalize responsibility to the planet and a greater good in support of the greatest evils. It is not logical and they will never listen. People generally see the world in the light that shines best upon themselves, and it requires self-examination to see the actual light.

The best that we can do is question the lies that humanity tells itself. "Question with boldness."

K T Cat said...

DDE, Why would you even want them to cover little things like this? It has to end up costing you more. Contraceptives are so common as to be commodities. There's no way buying them in bulk is going to lower the price. So that means my health insurer is going to pay the same price I do and then add overhead and profit onto the cost they charge me. It's idiocy from a financial point of view.

That convinces me even more that this is all about attacking a rival religion.