Thursday, June 21, 2012

What were we tweeting about today?


Here's White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today fielding questions about Fast and Furious and the events surrounding Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who was killed back in December of 2010 at a site where Fast and Furious guns were found:



"We absolutely agree with the need to find out the truth about why Fast & Furious happened, why the tactic, again, was employed in the previous administration, in different operations and was stopped by this Attorney General, why it came about. And that's why the Attorney General referred it to Inspector General. That is why we have provided Congress every document that pertains to the operation itself that is at issue here when you talk about the family that you referred to," White House press secretary Jay Carney said at his briefing today.

"The Terry family," Carney said after ABC's Jake Tapper reminded him of the name.

Tweet: How can they be held responsible for #FastandFurious when they don't even know who it was F&F killed?

A gotcha moment? Perhaps, but with Fast and Furious now making itself comfortable in America's living room, how do you not know/remember the name of Brian Terry, let alone his last name? A sign of just how cavalier and/or out-of-touch these people are or should we cut Carney some slack as the assembled press corps, repesentative of the broader national media probably didn't know who the hell Brian Terry was before this week, either?

Anyway, shameful. Absolutely shameful.

And to think some reporter interrupting the President at a press conference lecture last week was deemed disrespectful.


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Harrison said...

Just terrible. I know Carney has a lot of things he has to keep straight but for goodness sake get the guy's name on a piece of paper in case you're asked!