Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fast and Furious update


With the miserable hack that runs the Justice Department continuing to stonewall Congressional inquiry and tempting a contempt charge from that same entity, American Future Fund has released a video titled, "Fast and Furious". At just over a minute long, it provides a great primer for the uninitiated or willfully ignorant (which we count most of the legacy media among) as to this deadly scandal.

Cut'n'paste, Romney campaign, cut'n'paste.

Related: Props to CBS News and in particular, correspondent, Sharyl Attkisson, who along with the L.A. Times (Richard Serrano) have been, to our knowledge, the only two legacy media outlets that have been consistently on the Fast and Furious case. CBS News won the Edward R. Murrow Award in the Video Investigative Category for their work on Fast and Furious.


K T Cat said...

Winning the Murrow award ought to drag more of the MSM into the story, don't you think?

Road Dawg said...

I find it amazing "air time" can be purchased for the lamest of campaign commercials, and something as thoughtful and concise as this remains only on the net.

This needs to dubbed in Spanish.

SarahB said...

RD,fantastic suggestion to have this re-edited in Spanish.