Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What were we tweeting about today?


A regular and/or daily feature? Perhaps.

More good news coming out of the Arab Spring:

The Arab Spring of revolution has given rise to a new summer of concern in North Africa.

While Moammar Gadhafi is gone, the weapons used by the rebels who overthrew him are now a threat to the whole region, according to Amanda Dory, a top Defense Department policy official on Africa.

"The breakdown of security in Libya has generated a significant flow of militants and weapons and has decreased legitimate cross-border traffic at a time of great economic fragility and turbulence," said Dory, the deputy assistant secretary of defense on African affairs.

Many of those weapons, the Pentagon fears, are ending up with al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) the branch of the terrorist network in North Africa, especially in Mali, which in recent months has seen a coup and a separatist effort.

Tweet: Whether here or abroad, Prez's policies letting guns into bad guys' hands. #fastandfurious #Libya

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K T Cat said...

Way to go, you racist, right-wing goon. You've polluted the Internet with half-truths again. Step back and look at the big picture. When those weapons break down, where will they go for spare parts, huh? The US, of course. Well-paid Union workers will be manufacturing the parts and ammunition that these freedom fighters will use to gun down children.

Err, or something like that.

Dean said...

KT, awesomeness! +1. You've got a promising future as a lefty troll.

Road Dawg said...

Sarcastic convention held at the next J-tree summit.