Saturday, June 23, 2012

Journalistic embarrassment


The image below represents the poll question that was asked of the San Diego Union-Tribune's web version readers this past Thursday:

The question is so vague as to be misleading that we aren't quite sure where to start.

First of all, please give us an operational definition of "family planning" which can cover a whole host of services depending upon the provider.

But the cynic in us knows that in this particular case, "family planning" is merely code for contraceptive and abortion services.

Now who would deny such a necessary and vital health service to "workers" (another lame descriptive)?

That's right! It would be those big meanies in the Catholic Church. Those pro-life zealots are the ones denying the pill and abortions to, you know, workers.

The meme framed here is that workers cannot access "family planning" anywhere but through Catholic Church-based health plans... which don't offer "family planning".

The workers are screwed! There ought to be a law!

The provision within ObamaCare that forces Catholic institutions to provide "family planning" (for free, we might add) is the ultimate in a solution looking for a problem.

When this provision was enacted via legislative fiat by the Obama regime, we were heretofore unaware that "family planning" was so tough to come by. We guess a 20 minute walk or 10 minute bus ride to the Planned Parenthood clinic up on College and El Cajon to receive, absolutely free, "family planning" services would somehow represent a breach of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. How little do we know.

Congrats to San Diego's mullet wrap of record for the worst-worded poll question we have seen so far this year.

And congrats to the Obama regime for picking this scrap. People are pissed. People are motivate and people are now willing to act to see this gross overreach of government authority into matters of faith, conscience and simple common sense absolutely crushed.

If you are down for the fight, get ye over to KT's hang at the Scratching Post who has got a blog roll going for like-minded freedom-loving Americans regardless of your religious affiliation.




K T Cat said...

Access to family planning? Who's denying it? The question doesn't even make sense. It's like asking if they should all have access to the sidewalk.

And thanks for the link. I think we're all watching how fascist regimes begin.

K T Cat said...


lee said...

That poll question reminds me of those "So when did you stop beating your wife" questions.

KT Cat had it right--my insurance company and employer are waging a war against TEETH! Darn them!

Anonymous said...

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