Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Cruisin'... On a Sunday Afternoon. Cruisin'... Couldn't Get Away to Soon"

Wanted to jump into the fray but weren’t even sure where to start. Relevancy of any comment or comments regarding this subject would expire in half a news cycle anyway at the current rate.

The whole Craig gone Cruisin’ affair is so plainly bizarre on so many levels its damn near parody-proof. Craig who was arrested back in June on misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges in an airport restroom in Minneapolis, has been reduced to making the claim, “I’m not Gay!” Ya hear that? He’s not gay!

Link is here. Read it first. Drink the whole thing in before reading on.

How about the cop, huh? How would you like that beat? Sitting around in restroom stalls with your trousers around your ankles. And the quote about other persons using the restroom “… for its intended use.”? One can only assume in Minneapolis this is a point of distinction that is required to be made. As if, “… get this Sarge, while the perp was putting the moves on me, we were almost interrupted by a couple of freaks happening by to relieve themselves at the urinals AND THEN washing their hands before leaving the facility. Can you believe it?”

We’re still wondering what it is he actually did that caused him to be arrested. Apparently, cruising in airport restrooms is a problem in Minneapolis. Don’t be mistaken. Being unfamiliar with this whole cruising thing, its not clear whether he was arrested for lewd conduct or just lame execution of lewd conduct…. Swiping his hand under the stall…? What a dork.

Afterall, Minneapolis is supposed to be the de facto capitol of the upper-Midwest and the cultural seat of its more tolerant and liberal sensibilities so maybe this arrest and resultant punishment will be used as an opportunity to, you know, coach-up the Senator a little bit.

As far as its concerned, his biggest crime, perhaps his only crime was complete disregard for restroom etiquette which in our books is indeed worthy of arrest and possible jail time. No joke – this is a matter to be taken very seriously.

If a person enters a restroom and has the option of multiple open urinals yet chooses the one adjacent to an employed urinal… jail time. If a person while relieving himself at a urinal attempts to engage in conversation with another person employing a urinal… jail time with mitigating circumstances if other person voluntarily engages in the same conversation.

Restrooms are no place for trifling or frivolity and we sincerely hope the lessons learned by the Senator from Idaho are heeded by us all.


Mark B said...

That "beat officer" (pun intended) who was banished from protecting the streets to Minneapolis airport bathroom duty must want to blow his brains out. This is just a sick incident. But let me ask a rhetorical question: when did it become illegal to "accidentally" brush your foot up against a foot in the next stall and wave your hand underneath the divider? Granted I am sure that he intended to EVENTUALLY break the law with lewd behavior... but he didn't actually do anything lewd to that point, right??? Hmmm.

Dean said...

Perhaps we can get someone from the Twin Cities area to enlighten us as to just what the hell goes on inside those airport bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

Other mitigating circumstances to the man's law of public restroom etiquette. Asking for or reaching for TP in a crises moment.

Fox news actually had a representative from the airport explain that this is a problem in this restroom. Rather than waiting until a sexual act takes place, arrests are made for solicitation.
Although those that observe man law feel might feel that this is a lame execution for solicitation, it reportedly is SOP for those who do not observe man law in the first place. The SOP was documented by arrested weenie waggers actually caught in the act, thereby providing the basis for the execution, however lame, to be construed as soliciting sex.

Road Dawg

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