Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nazis and Other Left-Wing Hate Groups

(deep exhale) Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… Mission… accomplished. Dear readers, you have no idea how good that felt. With those few key strokes the list of “100 things to do before death” has been winnowed to a mere 96.

It has caused no small amount of consternation over the years to constantly see the descendants of the Nazis, be they Euro skin-heads, Aryan Nation, Aryan Brotherhood or latter day Nazis themselves be attached to the term “right-wing”.

On top of this lemming-like agenda-driven practice, it also represents total journalistic irresponsibility. Good g*d, just what is it about “National… Socialist… Workers... Party” that suggests right wing, rather than left-wing?

Let’s see. Nationalizing formerly private industry? Yep, definitely a leftie thing. Showing preference to one group of people over others based on racial or ethnic backround? Viva La Left! Blaming a class or classes of people for your nation’s woes? Straight out of the leftist playbook in this country. And hatred of the Jews? As noted in a previous post, you'll get no seat at the International Left's banquet table unless you are serving up generous portions of anti-Semitism.

But, hey. It does feel great to have finally done that. On to #95!

I was going to link to an article about Nazis protesting something or another in Nebraska or Missouri but I misplaced it. Apologies.

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