Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A few thoughts on the Times Square bomb plot

In keeping with this administration's efforts to downplay the threat of jihadist-inspired terrorism we note that we keep being reminded that the Times Square bombing attempt was "amateurish" in nature. Had it detonated would it still have been amateurish? An "amateurish"-ly planned bombing scheme that does succeed would still be a "bomb detonating in Times Square" by which no one would've given a damn whether or not it was amateurish.

Betsy's Page has a nice round-up of some rather curious reactions (or call them talking points, if you are so inclined) to the bomb plot in its immediate wake (before the arrest of the suspect) and even given the benefit of hindsight there is an odd tone to them that now seem patently ridiculous.

And imagine the disappointment at MSNBC that the unidentified "white man" in his 40s who was suspected of being the bomber is a U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent (Well, whattya know? Right on cue Contessa Brewer of MSNBC is like, totally bummed that the suspect may harbor some extremist views. Consistency!*)

And to think that Frank Rich won't be taking the week off afterall because "the column that writes itself" fizzled out just like the contents inside that Nissan Pathfinder.

Not to worry Franky-baby. You can always fall back on writing about the violence at Tea Party rallys.

* We started working this post yesterday and came up with the MSNBC hypothetical before we were alerted to Brewer's hand-wringing.

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