Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reasons for optimism

We continue to brace for a double-dip recession we hope never comes. We just can't help but think that the horribly misguided, demand-side Keynesian gimmickry like Cash for Clunkers and the various home-owners' assistance programs have served only to kick the can down the road, delaying any true recovery while doing nothing to chase the poisons out of the system.

While that may very well be our short-to-mid-term prognosis, what about the long term? Rule #1: Don't bet against this country.

•The party of the ravening parasites is going to get obliterated in November. The Democrats' only chance lay in the possibility of a global recovery. Europe is crushing those hopes on a daily basis. President Obama has been the perfect leader for these times. An unabashed econofascist with huge majorities, he's followed the course prescribed for decades by liberals and the result has been ... monster deficits and anemic growth.

Oh, do read more at the link because contrary to the pull-a-graph, KT's brimming with confidence and is quite optimistic about the economic outlook of our country.

You gotta believe there is just too much creativity, ingenuity and drive in this country to not come back from this great recession regardless of who is in office. And since, as a representative republic, we usually get what we want, here's hoping that whoever takes office in November would see fit to neither bludgeon about with even more useless multi-billion dollar "jobs bills" nor tinker at the levers of "Cash for (Whatever)" side shows but rather just get the hell out of the way!

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K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link! You know, it wasn't until I heard Nouriel Roubini talk about the Euros lack of competitiveness and I saw the money fleeing Europe to come here (Treasury yields have dropped sharply because money is flowing in) that it dawned on me that there are no alternatives to the US.

Combine that with the limited time Obama has left with his majorities and the wonderful things you and B-Daddy are doing with the Tea Party movement and things aren't so bad after all.