Monday, July 26, 2010

Video clip of the day

Via Hot Air...

Actually, when we thought about it, what better represents the intellectual heft of the left than profanely repetitive abuse of the King's English employed by children, chronologically speaking and otherwise, a Keffiyeh (seriously, would it have killed these guys to leave out the international signal for anti-semetic, anti-capitalist, terrorist-coddling one-stop shopping than that goofy scarf?), some misrepresentation of the facts, joking about STDs and uh, yeah, profanely repetitive abuse of the King's English?

They're really, really cheezed off about the Gulf and BP. Here them roar (extreme NSFWoH warning):

Oil Spill Charity "F-Bomb-A-Thon" from on Vimeo.

Plunk down 13 bucks, feel smug about yourself and look like an ass. Again, perfect.

And because it's all about stretching your creative limits and improving your messaging, the makers of the video are planning another one which will feature... you got it, little kids dropping the F-bomb.

“We have another video in production right now. It uses the f-bomb and yup, little kids too. People should not be offended by using a crude word to help clean up this crude oil spill. What’s offensive is entire communities, economies and ecosystems destroyed. People need to get their priorities straight. Bring on the backlash. More attention is better for the cause. We’re using a bad word to do some good.”

We now feel as though we have actually lost I.Q. points for having watched that video. Our bad.


John said...

Of course we should attack BP.. Why should we consider why they were out there drilling in 5000 feet of water?

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