Monday, March 7, 2011

Follower blog post of the day

In an attempt to throw some love our "followers'" way as well as to express our gratitude for their follower-ship, we're instituting a new daily feature to which we hope we can hold.

We believe "Scott" has been one of our longest-tenured followers and his Diplomacy is a weighty and well-written foreign policy blog.

Gangsterism, warlordism, shadowy transnational terrorist networks - these are the principal threats to American interests in the region and so the idea that America can go around the world simply arranging balancing coalitions in some grand eighteenth-century European style is just absurd. The new strategic environment calls for an altogether more nuanced and subtle diplomacy, a different blend of elements, and a different set of capabilities. Quite simple one would think, elementary even, and yet American realism seems institutionally incapable of grasping it.

For our innaugural feature, Scott tackles our competing foreign policy strategies in the Middle East, here. Do check it out.

Thanks, Scott.

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