Monday, March 21, 2011

Warning: High irony content ahead

Commie, union and Truther (it is noted that the three are not mutually exclusive of one another) protesters in Portland on Saturday at an anti-war protest marking the 8th anniversary of the start of war with Iraq.

Major bummer it must've been when they found out the bombs started dropping later in the day over in Libya. Like, dude.

And if you're like us, you're probably amazed at the war-making power wielded by Sarah Palin. We never knew.

Video of the "militant" peace protest can be found over at Gateway Pundit.


Anonymous said...

I drove by about 20 or so people on the side of multnomah ave on the way back to my hotal, holding up signs. I didn't pay to much attention, as it seems there is always somebody on the side of the rode up here holding some sort of stupid sign.


Anonymous said...

road vice rode


Harrison said...

Looking at the sign I sure wish they'd asked what true patriots DO profit from (aren't they against profits?).

Dean said...

Jerry, thanks for checking in.

Harrison, great point!