Thursday, March 3, 2011

And speaking of freedom...

Shahbaz Bhatti, the Pakistan government's only Christian minister (he was Roman Catholic) was assassinated while on his way to work in Islamabad on Wednesday. Bhatti was in the process of pushing for the reform of harsh blasphemy laws that impose the death penalty for insulting Islam.

Earlier this year, Punjab province Governor Salman Taseer, a liberal Muslim was killed by a bodyguard who said he was angry that the politician opposed the blasphemy laws.

Bhatti remained single not wanting his wife and children to suffer for what he believed - he was fully aware of what potentially lay in store for him as the video below which was made four months ago will show.

In an interview he did while in Canada in February, this is what he said about this potentiality:

“I have been told by pro-Taliban religious extremists that if I will continue to speak against the blasphemy law, I will be beheaded.” But he said his faith gave him strength.

“As a Christian, I believe Jesus is my strength. He has given me a power and wisdom and motivation to serve suffering humanity. I follow the principles of my conscience, and I am ready to die and sacrifice my life for the principles I believe,”

So sure was Bhatti of his fate that he left instructions with friends to send this video to media outlets should he die at the hands of those opposed to him and his ideals.


tigerlily said...
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tigerlily said...

They will not be satisfied until Christian blood runs like rivers in the streets.

Atlanta Roofing said...

He was indeed a wonderful man and sure that he has gone to his eternal reward and is yet one more martyr to add to the list of Catholic saints.