Friday, March 11, 2011

Radio KBwD is on the air

Consider this just our way of getting caught up. We had heard of these guys but amazingly enough had not heard their music until we managed to catch It Might Get Loud a few weeks back where Jack White was singing their praises.

Also, this would represent a quality failure of sorts by our good friend, Jerry, erstwhile blogger and proprieter of the semi-retired Tom Brady is my Hero who has always been our conduit to the punk, psycho-billy and alternative scene in general. Obviously, we're not taking the hit for this one.

Anyhoo... without any further ado... Ladies and Gentlemen, from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, it's the Flat Duo Jets performing, "Crazy Hazy Kisses."

No, that is not poor camera work - that really is just a two-piece band.

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drozz said...

favorite part of IMGL is when jack white, on a thrift store guitar, crushes the solo on "in my time of dying". and page and the edge look on with very expensive equipment.