Sunday, March 20, 2011

Radio KBwD is on the air: the Sunday edition

We're shamelessly swiping this from B-Daddy who posted it a week ago. It's an outstanding song and listening to it caused memories to come flooding back to us as we spent many a Sunday afternoon down in Tijuana soaking up that entire culture down there.

They razed the bull ring downtown where this video takes place about two years ago in order to make way for commercial interests as bullfighting's popularity continues to wane particularly in Tijuana.

They still hold corridas at the bull ring out at La Playa but the two-laned highway from the coast back into town is a death trap and overall, the logistics for whole afternoon have made going to anymore bullfights prohibitive.

We realize we probably have not made any friends with this admission (not something you ever want to bring up on a first date. Not a wild stretch, huh?) but it's all apparently a thing of the past.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Los Angeles, California, it's Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass performing, "Lonely Bull".

From Wiki:

Alpert set up a small recording studio in his garage and had been overdubbing a tune called "Twinkle Star", written by Sol Lake, who would eventually write many of the Brass' original tunes. During a visit to Tijuana, Mexico, Alpert happened to hear a mariachi band while attending a bullfight. Following the experience, Alpert recalled that he was "inspired to find a way to musically express what [he] felt while watching the wild responses of the crowd, and hearing the brass musicians introducing each new event with rousing fanfare."[6] Alpert adapted the trumpet style to the tune, mixed in crowd cheers and other noises for ambiance, and renamed the song "The Lonely Bull".

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