Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fleabagger update

First, Wisconsin and now Indiana.

The Indiana Democrats say life on the lam hasn't been enjoyable. There is one washing machine at the hotel and there are lines to use it. It has rained for almost a month, keeping them indoors except for an occasional walk past strip malls and chain stores. Three have developed sinus infections. After an initial wave of support and visits across state lines from union members and supporters, they have been largely isolated. "We're busy but we're bored," said Democratic Rep. Linda Lawson.

Hmmm... kind of sounds like our senior year spring break in New Jersey.

But how exactly does this help the Democrats' branding image? A profile in courage it is not and besides, math wins, math always wins.

B-Daddy has more of the goods, here.

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B-Daddy said...

Math indeed. Thanks for the link.