Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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KT of The Scratching Post on publicly-funded ventures and the inevitability of cannabalism:

(Yeah, we link to him quite often anyway, but when the guy book marks us with our own nickname (top billing in the Theocracy, no less!), (the) "Monastery of Miscellaneous Musings", he's gonna get some love.)

Not all of these stories are motivated by a desire to make sure the others get cut first, but you can be sure that some are. If I was an activist for the Head Start program and I worked at a newspaper or a TV studio, you can be sure that my ideological allies would be feeding me story leads to make their rivals at the public trough look bad. That's how it works in a society where income is dependent on politics. In addition to hiring lobbyists to influence legislators, you whisper in the news media's ear to get the voters to call their representatives.

Remember, gang, you will not remove money, lobbyists, nor incivility from politics until you remove power from politics by corresponding degrees.

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