Sunday, March 27, 2011

For your Sunday viewing pleasure

We may be dating ourselves a bit but though we've been informed that movies such as Anchorman and Hangover are the new comedy classics, we'll stick with Mel Brooks circa 1975 - 1983 and...

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World

And The Great Race

Natalie Woods.... Yikes!


K T Cat said...

I loved the pie fight scene. I particularly love the clarinet work in the music. Go back and listen as the scene progresses. Wonderful!

K T Cat said...

Both scenes were so wonderfully choreographed and timed. As I understand it, Stanley Kramer, the director of Mad Mad world was used to doing dramas. He said that the actors and actresses in that movie, all professional comedians, worked harder than any other crew he had ever seen, constantly perfecting the timing of each line of dialog and each bit of slapstick.

In the pie fight scene, there are so many wonderful comic bits. I love the part around 3:50 where Jack Lemmon and Peter Falk are just blasting each other with pies at point blank range. Watch their throwing motions, they're actually coming down on each other with the pies to get more power into the throw. Little bits like that add to the frenetic feeling of the scene. At 3:55, Peter Falk actually rocks Jack Lemmon back on his heels, the throw is so hard.

Wonderful stuff!

Harrison said...

Man talk about flimsy construction standards! Must have been a union job.