Monday, December 31, 2007

...Punch the Hippies!

Some time off over the Christmas holidays and a nagging head cold has allowed for some time to assess and evaluate the candidates in the Republican field. After being initially underwhelmed, we feel better about the lot of them than we did perhaps as recently as 3-4 weeks ago.

“Fear” and “electibility” are terms we have heard quite a bit lately and which have been used here at this blog with regard to the rationale behind choosing a candidate. We’ve put these two elements aside for the selection of our candidate because the choice should not be based on mere electibility and certainly not out of fear.

These early primaries are horrible because a) we’re talking politics over the Holidays and b) they’ve caused panic among some voters and alleged “kingmakers” who have responded to their own fear and made endorsements based upon electibility rather than the candidates’ positions on issues (case in point is Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Guiliani).

We fed into that fear back in the ’03 California gubernatorial elections when we voted for Schwarzenegger rather than the guy, McClintock, who was most aligned with our own political beliefs and now look where we are: We have a Governor who spends even more than the guy we kicked out but has us all over a barrel because he is the one man who stands athwart granting driver’s licenses to (hard-working and family-oriented) illegals. What are we gonna do?

We’re kicking fear to the curb. We as Americans are better than that. We don’t fear a Hillary or Obama Presidency (Edwards…? maybe a little). If it goes down like that, then fine – bring it on. This country is too strong and the people living in it too decent for anything to be done for fear. It’s a discredit to the Union and a slap in the face to the men and women in uniform who, at this very moment, are trying to snuff out something precisely so that we don’t have to live in fear.

As such, we want someone who takes Islamofascism and terrorism seriously and one who will be short on diplomacy and long on the hammer in dealing with it. We want someone who recognizes how out-of-control Federal spending is and is serious about doing something about it. We want someone who respects the rule of law especially when it comes to illegal immigration. We want someone who desires to see less government in our lives and who holds an appreciation and is dedicated to the most trampled-upon (or outright ignored to be more accurate) amendment in the Bill of Rights. We don’t think we’re asking for a whole lot, in fact, we really want less of what nearly all the candidates are offering.

These are the reasons why we’re coming out for Fred Thompson and why Fred Thompson has Beers with Demo’s endorsement for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

That and the fact that he has some of the most kick-ass 3rd party campaign ads around. Click here.
Still a little bit more time to vote in the Skunkies.....
Have a safe and happy New Year's!


K T Cat said...


Anonymous said...

Is he still threatening Cole Trickle's race team with a "Japanese Inspection". Those monkeys.


Dean said...

Wait....? "Days of Thunder"...?

Back at school, those types of inspections were called "Japs" but that's just between you and I, Mongo. Don't need to make that public, or anything.

Anonymous said...

Right you are, BWD. You want to control something uncontrollable...

Anyway, if the GOP can get Hellcats of the Navy elected to the highest office in the land, then surely there is room for the dog that is "Days".

I haven't felt this awful since we saw that Ronald Reagan film...


K T Cat said...

I actually had to look up the 10th amendment. Amen to that one. These days, the federal government will take over everything.

I agree about Arnold. He's incredibly squishy and for no reason at all. He still has the star power to talk directly to the people of Kahleeforneeya about our financial problems, but he won't do it.

Candor is so appreciated by the public and so feared by the politicians. It's sad.

Go Fred!

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