Monday, November 30, 2009

More impressive acts of faith

Hey, do you remember when they told us that if we voted for McCain it would mean a continuation of religion and of agenda-driven moral certitude holding sway over facts, reason and science? Well, they were right.

The high-priestess in the Obama administration’s faith-based global warming cabal, Carol Browner, can't be bothered with these silly hacked emails and the deletion of the East Anglia Climate Research Unit’s original raw data.

Also ignoring this scandal is our very own president, who announced last Wednesday that he will attend the long-anticipated, high-stakes global climate summit in Copenhagen. Obama's climate czar, Carol Browner, announced on the very same day that global warming science is "settled.' No need to even address those pesky e-mails that purport to show differently.

"I'm sticking with the 2,500 scientists. These people have been studying this issue for a very long time and agree this problem is real," said Ms. Browner. The 2,500 hundred scientists, by the way, are comprised mainly of United Nations bureaucrats who have a vested interest in the massive wealth re-distribution that they suggest as a solution to this non-crisis.

It should be noted that Browner, who received her B.A. in English and law degree from the University of Florida is perfectly suited to make these pronouncements from within the Obama administration.

So, it's on to Copenhagen where we can at least take some degree of perverse back-handed comfort that it will be all about politics and not about science and the worst that will come of it is some more non-binding commitments and toothless resolutions that these climate conferences usually produce.

Oh, and just in time for Christmas, Pajamas Media has a complete Climategate Document Database and Facebook Climategate group sign-up link, here. Weeeeeee!!!!!

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B-Daddy said...

The head of GM is a former telecomms guy, climate guru has zero scientific background, and math curriculum development teams have no actual mathematicians, and the actual scientists advising the UN turn out to be more politicians than scientist. Welcome to the triumph of politics over reason.