Saturday, November 14, 2009

They all kind of look alike anyway

Wrong nation for which to perform the debt-buying grovel, sir.


SarahB said...

picture says it all :/

SarahB said...

OK, I posted a link to this piece at Facebook, and got the MOST AMAZING comment:

Lynne TuckerFrom post #11 on this link at

The bow in Japan is not, contrary to Western conventional thought, a gesture of submission. According to Japanese tradition, the human body has three “zones.” Heaven (from the shoulders up) Man (from Shoulders to hip)and Earth (from the hips down.) When one bows in Japan, one offers the highest of the body in respect, the heaven aspect. Obama is indeed as you say, prostrating himself, and Akihito Samma, is not bowing even a little, either because he i s surprised, or because he does not respect Obama.The real key is the empress, who is not bowing even a little.

They do not respect Obama enough to bow even a little.This is done with feeling in Japan, and is spontaneous.It is a thing involving a type of perception very different to Westernern cultural ettiquette. A genuine bow can actually be felt in the heart. And Akihito knows this bow is all show.No heart. That is likely why he does not return Obama’s bow, even a little.Nor does the Empress. Obama , intent on being the skillful inter cultural president, shows here that he knows nothing of Japanese culture.Before one bows there is a brief glance at the eyes of the person to whom one bows, a spark. This is what Obama is missing, or they both would be bowing back.

Secondly, Obama should have bowed before he shook hands, in the proper way, with his hands on his upper thigh, and he should not have bowed so deeply, because he is not a Japanese subject... a slow respectful bow of 45 to 50 degrees would have been required in his case, if Obama knew the correct protocol, which he obviously does not. So it is a false submissive bow of a man who has little honor in the way of Japanese thinking. A man who wants something. A man not to be trusted.

Obama did not fool the Imperial couple even one little bit, and they are strained to remain polite, humoring Obama as it were. Patronizing conduct gets one no where fast in Japan. Generally Japanese folks know a genuine bow from a false one by the way it feels, a form of perception which few Westerners experience, but still some do.

Obama has idiots for protocol officers, or alteratively, he did not listen to what they had to say about it.

Obama would have been much better off simply shaking hands, instead of this empty, false bow, completely off in its lack of genuiness. The bow of a snake.

I predict that Obama will make little progress with his diplomatic agenda in Japan, he will give much, and receive little in return.

Cross thread reference, mega data on the wider strategic implications of this botched “bow”

Harrison said...

Remember Pearl Harbor!

Dean said...

So, what would be worse. A "genuine" or "fake" bow?

Look, the man is an alien. And I don't mean that with respect to where he was born but with respect to him being the most American-ambivalent president we've ever had.

He has no concept of American exceptionalism and he has demonstrated time and again and from past associations that his feelings towards this great nation of ours runs counter to most Americans.

Him not attending the Berlin Wall festivities and now this shameless grovel all in one week is pathetic.

K T Cat said...

You, sir, are a racist. I'll link to this just to prove it.

Dean said...

Oh... thanks for the FB link, Sarah.

B-Daddy said...

I agree with Sarah, the bow is way too low and his head goes down. So the argument of cultural correctness goes out the window. Further, HE'S NOT JAPANESE! So quit trying to act like you know their culture, it makes it doubly insulting. I will look for some ex-pat comments from Japan to confirm.

Harrison said...

He's doing the Lewinsky.

Road Dawg said...

Posted on the Liberatorator:

Being the pendulum 'Dawg, I have always said Obama is what (not who) our country needs.

Apologetics, economic fascism, (lifted from Mr. Cat's most excellent post), czars, providing constitutional rights to terrorists, now looking for an exit strategy for Afghanistan..ect

Our rights, liberties, freedoms, and our prosperity have been slowly been eroded. And the McCain's, Bush's and Bob Dole's on the "so called" Right, have barely been sandbags to the erosion.

Maybe the Fox News vs Obama admin was the first clue for the MSM.

Obama is the "Pearl Harbor" to wake the sleeping giant.

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