Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On deck?

Forget Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and even Mark Levin (though, he’s solid), when Rush decides to hang up the golden microphone, there is only one person out there that could remotely be considered to fill Rush’s shoes as America’s conservative radio voice and that is Mark Steyn who guest-spots for Rush on occasion. No one that we listen to or read (outside of possibly Iowahawk) matches Steyn’s acerbic wit and humor.


Upon greater reflection, the Super Bowl ads represented a stunning array of grasping, hen-pecked beta-males portrayed in horribly lame attempts to justify their malesmanship*.

If you think “conformo-radicalism” is a contradiction in terms, well, such is the way of the world. It was reported last week that as many as a dozen men have been killed in disputes arising from karaoke performances of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Surely, bellowing out “I did it my way” to Frank’s backing track in a karaoke bar is the very definition of not doing it your way, but it’s marginally less pathetic than the song’s emergence in post-Christian Britain as a favorite funeral anthem: “For what is a man? What has he got? If not himself, then he has naught.” Nothing sums up your iconoclastic individualism than someone else’s signature song — right?

Check out the rest of Steyn’s piece on Super Bowl ads, masculinity, individuality and the tea party movement, here.

* Yes, we just made up that word. Catchy, no?


Foxfier said...

I actually enjoy Mr. Stein's style more than Rush's.

K T Cat said...

I really dislike Mark Levin. I don't think he's terribly bright nor well-informed. Just a thrower of red meat.