Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smack of the day

“Sometimes when he’s not using his monitors and reading what he says, he doesn’t think. And this is one of those times he didn’t think, and he should straighten out the record because he’s been here, he knows Las Vegas is a great place.”

That from Oscar Goodman, the Mayor of Las Vegas who did not take kindly to the President’s words regarding Las Vegas that he made at a town hall event in New Hampshire.

Well, at least we share one thing in common with the President and that’s a healthy obsession with Vegas as this is not the first time he has scolded America on visiting Sin City.

Up for some more smack from Oscar? We thought so.


This reminds us of interviews with an agitated Tommy Lasorda when he was skipper of the L.A. Dodgers where the reporters would simply turn on their tape recorders and let Tommy rip for 5-10 minutes straight while turning the air blue and shaming sailors the world over.

"And I guaran-(bleeping)-tee you this. If I was pitching and I knew I was facing a (bleep)-sucker like Bevaqua in the lineup, I'd send a (bleeping) limo to his place to make sure that (bleep)-sucker made it to the game on time."


Road Dawg said...

"give him the boot back to Washington and visit his failures back there"

Is this guy a poet or what?

K T Cat said...


K T Cat said...

By the way, Bevaqua beat the Dodgers on several occasions. I remember those events well with a big smile.

K T Cat said...

The guy's desk is a mess.

SarahB said...

Damn that was refreshing. Nobody messes with my favorite city.

Dean said...

KT, I remember as well and not quite as fondly. The Dodgers and Pads had a nasty little thing going for a couple-three years when the Pads actually had a pretty decent team and, yes, Bevaqua was smack dab in the middle of it.

Road Dawg said...

Mr. Kat,
A clean desk is the product of a sick mind.

BTW, I had to replay the clip a few times for enjoyment.