Saturday, November 9, 2013

Message: "I care" *


A couple of weeks back when it became news that millions of American were losing their healthcare coverage, it came as a surprise to a majority of Americans that had heard the President on numerous occasions reassure the country that if you liked your current healthcare plan, you could keep it, and often times closing out that statement with a definitive “period.”

Predictably, the water-carriers in the state-controlled media when into spin mode. They reasoned that the President did not flat-out lie to the public because no one was losing their coverage, they were merely “transitioning” from their old “sub-standard” coverage into better coverage. That this decision was taken out of your hands was merely demonstrable of what a clueless rube you are and that we should be thankful of the wise and benevolent actions of a federal bureaucracy thousands of miles away made possible via ObamaCare… you’re welcome.

Of course, we didn't hear anything about this "transition-y" thing prior to October 1st but no matter...

So, imagine our surprise when Thursday evening, the President in an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC News, said he was sorry that all these millions of American were losing their current health coverage “based on assurances they got from me.”

So confusing. Why was he essentially apologizing for removing us from our “sub-standard” policies when as single males it was clearly in our best interest to have a healthcare policy that covered us for pregnancy/maternity services? That would be more comprehensive, would it not?

It didn't take long. Back into the spin cycle:

Of course there will be winners and losers as a result of ObamaCare

Again, this faint support for the law was not uttered prior to October 1st.

Let the tweet-fest begin:

Call us cynical but we’re skeptical of the president’s apology. The law which bears his name absolutely counts on younger healthier people paying for services/coverage they won’t use to cover that which others will use but can’t afford, i.e. the sick and/or elderly.

With insurance companies no longer able to deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, good luck with getting enough of the “young invincibles” to prop up this wretched scheme. #implosion

C’mon… without ObamaCare you would’ve never have been introduced to the terms “adverse selection” and “death spiral”.

* During the 1992 presidential campaign, those were the guidance notes given to George H.W. Bush by his aides prior to a speech meant to convey his empathy with the American people during the early nineties recession. Missing the “guidance” portion, Bush recited those three words verbatim resulting in the most clunky, insincere and tone deaf moment of his Presidency.


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