Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Possibly a bigger mess than we realize

Simply mind-blowing.

Cory Gardner (R-CO) in a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee hearing is questioning Henry Chao, the Deputy Chief Information Officer and Deputy Director of the Office of Information Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Feel free to skip ahead to the 2:40 mark for the exchange between the two on the readiness of Healthcare.gov, the federal online exchange whereby one, in theory, can purchase healthcare coverage.

Chao estimates that healthcare.gov is still 60-70% incomplete before amending that to state that healthcare.gov is 100% complete and that it’s the entire Obamacare infrastructure/system that is still 60-70% away from being complete.

As Chao states at 4:10, this includes the payment system.

Uhhhh…. If you wish to be covered by New Year’s under ObamaCare, first payment is due December 15th… not even 4 weeks from now.

The last minute or so of the clip Gardner questions Chao about testing the system while it’s still being built. Suffice to say, if we answered that line of questioning from our boss or our customer in the manner that Chao did, we would be without a job.

Let’s give Chao the total benefit of doubt (and since we don’t feel like doing any mathematical heavy lifting) and grant the entirety of the ObamaCare system for being 50% complete. A sure-to-be-glitch-ridden system without proper built-in security protocols will be “completed” in November 2016.

Ya like apples?

Totally related: Prosecute the feds under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act for false advertising and failure to establish adequate security protocals.

Money quote:

“The bottom line is that no private entity would be allowed to get away with what the Obama administration is trying to get away with.”

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K T Cat said...

I saw that one, too. Amazing. They can't pay anyone? Well, at least it means those horrible for-profit insurance companies aren't making any money.

The insurance companies must be saying: This deal is getting worse all the time!