Friday, November 29, 2013

Video clip of the day


It may not technically still be Thanksgiving but it's still Thanksgiving weekend and that is certainly good enough for us.

An oldie but a goodie from the fine folks at on Thanksgiving and property rights!:

(video approx. 2-1/2 min. long)

Here's Pilgrim head honcho, William Bradford, breaking down the problem:

"Yong-men that were most able and fitte for labour and service did repine that they should spend their time and streingth to worke for other mens wives and children, with out any recompense....

And for men's wives to be commanded to doe service for other men, as dresing their meate, washing their cloaths, etc., they deemed it a kind of slavery, neither could many husbands well brooke it."

Wow. Who knew that collectivism and sexism went so well together?

Here's to everyone continuing to enjoy Thanksgiving leftovers and the rest of the weekend.

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K T Cat said...

I heard the word "plantation" and immediately stopped listening. That's a code word and you know it.