Monday, September 15, 2008

The obligatory L.A. Times “my father is hard working, family oriented and… illegal” story post

I'm glad that my father entered this country illegally. If he had come "the right way," our family's success would've been chalked up as just another example of immigrant can-do. But as an illegal, his accomplishments (as well as mine and my siblings') contradict the conventional wisdom regarding undocumented Mexicans that's been prevalent for this decade. My father's repeated breaking of immigration law is further proof that this country can and does rehabilitate all of her huddled masses, whether legal or not.

You can read this tripe in full, here, if you must.

God forbid anyone holds up your family as an example of “immigrant can-do” because there’s nothing like being pimped-out by “the man” as an example of successful American mainstreaming, now is there? There is obviously too much pride at stake to sell-out like that.

About this “rehabilitation” bit…. This contention is, of course, ridiculous and patently false. This country most certainly does not rehabilitate all her huddled masses. That’s a grand, sweeping and ultimately, a throw-away statement even the most ardent supporter of American exceptionalism couldn’t swallow. In fact, a trip to the county jail might straighten-out this notion.

And the blanket statement lumping together both legal and illegal immigrants is an affront to those people who did, indeed, do it the “right way” if for no other reason than intuition would inform one that those who came here legally would be far more apt to be “rehabilitated” or whatever other term one chooses to signify assimilation than one who is is doing it the “wrong way”.

Pathetic article. I think we’re smelling Duranty, here.

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Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Well, house ownership is a great thing, but stealing money for the down payment *does*