Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The water... it's got to be the water.

There’s just no other explanation for it.

Another church here in the San Diego area is being harassed by zoning goons. And for all you out there clamoring for public safety because, you know, the guy in the wheel chair may block the exit in the event of a fire and… blah, blah, blah….

Church member Patricia Mims owns the building which houses the church. The City told Mims she needed to seek an expensive Zoning Code Amendment in order for the church to continue meeting on her property. Mims sought the amendment, but now City planners are recommending denial, in part because the 4-person church doesn't have 18 parking spaces. The City claims all the extra parking might theoretically be needed if the church ever grew to 50 members - an unlikely prospect, since the church rarely promotes itself.

Ms. Mims, here’s our wish for you. We wish for you to sue. We wish for you to sue the living pants off the city of Lemon Grove to the extent that you will own the city of Lemon Grove. And then you and your 3 other parishioners can hold church services right inside city hall where god knows, you will have all the parking in that empty lot you and your never-to-be 50 members will ever need. This is what we wish and this is what we will pray for, Ms. Mims.



K T Cat said...

Was this before or after they voted to support an annual Gay Pride parade?

Foxfier said...

Yeepers creepers.

Anonymous said...

me thinks sumbuddy is smokin' bad lemons on this one.........