Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A little more on this belonging to the Government nonsense

Apparently, some people are either OK with being useful idiots for their political party or they indeed believe that they are the property of the government.

In response to the DNC’s “We all belong to the government” ad that was run at the convention and which we covered here, some delegates at the convention were asked what they thought of it.


These responses simultaneously sadden, disappoint and anger us.
These people are utterly clueless though we will hand it to the statist-left of this country in successfully substituting “government” for “community” or “country” and getting the Democratic Party as a whole to buy into this sick fascistic concept hook, line and sinker.

Here’s a memo to you folks that might be a little wobbly on the concept (not to those in the video – those zombies are long gone): In closing his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln spoke of “a government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

The government is of us, the people. The DNC has it completely the other way around, they know it and they completely agree with it. As collectivists and not individualist, of course, your baseline belief system is that the government is at the center of the circle from which all else comes forth.

When you hear statists call for higher taxes on the rich, they’ll talk about fairness but that’s just window dressing for what they really believe and that is the fact that money is not really yours rather it’s the government’s and it is only the government’s kindness that lets you hang on to whatever the tax code allows.

This is soft tyranny, pure and simple – this belief that we are somehow owned by or belong to the government. We fought a war of independence to upend such thinking and practice and, for now, we will content ourselves with fighting an electoral war and one of winning hearts and minds to upend such thinking and practice here in early 21st century.

The RNC was slammed for being a convention of hyper-individuality. The fallibility of human kind may make that type of thinking dangerous for many but the 20th century was nothing more than a cautionary tale of the miserable and deadly folly of hyper-collectivism.


SarahB said...

predicting poll drop for O after the sorry 'lets all suffer together some more' tone of this convention. Having Clinton speak tonight is like a one-night stand...they will be thrilled in the moment and feel hollow and dirty tomorrow when they realize they haven't time travelled back to the 90's

Let the statists show their cards.

Anonymous said...

The show is always sad, folks root for their team, irresective of the consequence. It's a difficult task to win minds from the other side, not because they don't share the same values, but the cheerleadera have put them on a team that doesn't reflect values or common sense.

So we rant and know more of the same is bad, we pound our friends, but we know having someone "change their team" takes leadership, not ideology.


drozz said...

"soft tyranny". i like that.

K T Cat said...

This is soft tyranny, pure and simple?

I don't think so. I think this is the Obama Youth.

K T Cat said...