Friday, September 28, 2012

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Is it an uniquely American folk tradition to anthropomorphize, sorry… give human traits to bodies of water? Johnny Cash’s Big River springs to mind in that of the male form and the following suggests that of the female form.

Someday, when we make our months-long cultural road trip through the American South, which is the only region of the country that would hold the answer, we’ll get back to you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in pretty much a no-brainer, from Wall Lake, Iowa, it’s Andy Williams from his self-titled variety show back in 1970 performing “Moon River”.


".. my huckleberry friend..."

Exit question No. 1: When did wholesome family-oriented shows try to get their hippy groove on by having some of the younger audience members sit cross-legged on the floor down in front?

Exit question No. 2 (and an entirely hypothetical one at that): Similar has been done before, but if we sent a rocket ship out into space and inside it we had 25 songs that best represented the American culture to the E.T.s out there, would “Moon River” make the cut? Remember, all genres would be considered: rock, punk, R&B, blues, soul, Cajun/Zydeco, gospel, jazz show tunes, standards, country and western and any other variant or mash-up of the aforementioned. It would be a crowded field, right?


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K T Cat said...

I love the style of his voice. I'm not a big fan of the crooner music of the era with the choral backing, but it might be worth finding a greatest hits...