Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your martini-worthy, mid-week image of the day


As if brought to you by James Lileks' Institute of Official Cheer...

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... but, not. Just part of Seagram's whiskey Men Who Plan Beyond Tomorrow post-WWII ad campaign that featured the advent of sports bars, cell phones, the internet/Skype and gourmet roach coaches. No word on why they couldn't wish away the Tet offenive, disco and paneled dens to the cornfield.

Go to Ultra Swank to see more of what Seagram's own admen had in store for us in the future.



drozz said...

the goalies don't have masks and hold their wooden sticks to the side, not crossed in front.

bunk, i say.

SarahB said...

They seem to have also predicted no one in this bar allowed to hold a cigarrett

K T Cat said...

Dig the flat screens!