Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What we've been tweeting


Tweet: Seriously, like there was any way that #OCCUPY and Ahmedinejad weren't going to be spooning eventually.

From the Weekly Standard:

A report today in an official outlet of the Iranian regime claims that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, will meet with members of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Ahmadinejad is currently in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly, where these reported meetings will take place.

"Ahmadinejad is also set to meet American university students, artists, intellectuals and elites, including Occupy Wall Street anti-capitalist protestors, despite the ongoing efforts made by the pro-Zionist lobbies to prevent direct link between American people and the Iranian president," the Iranian organ Fars News reports.

American university students, artists, intellectuals and elites..?

Can he take them with him?

Anti-semitic socialists with scant to zero respect for American ideals. A natural fit if there ever was one.


Anonymous said...

Let him show himself, as Bdaddy explained, he will expose himself to what he is.

And all the hoopla about this dude pales in comparison to the Zapruder film of last night's game where America's team was raped by a bunch of Pop Warner incompetants.

This blog used to have some football conversation. There is now some real tragedy in our lives.

Dean said...

I was in full concurrence with letting this guy make an ass of himself 4 years ago and he did not disappoint.

Oh, Packer fan... I know your team got jobbed last night but you lost to a rookie quarterback in only the 3rd start of his career and you let your QB get sacked 8 times... in the first half.

SarahB said...

I just want to know if the lady-Occupiers will be allowed to attend or if this meeting is only for the 49%?