Friday, September 7, 2012

Radio KBwD is on the air


Color us confused as to why someone like Dwight Yoakam or George Straight never gave the following song the straight up country and western treatment because, well... it is a country and western tune of sorts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Manchester, England, it's the Hollies performing "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress":

1:42 : Wooo!

We always loved that


K T Cat said...


B-Daddy said...

I guess I can't tell the difference anymore, between old school rock and country, that is. My weekend music, Tobacco Road by the Nashville Teens doesn't seem too country, despite its name, for example. BTW, Raul Malo puts up a semi-country version of this song that can be seen on Youtube.

SarahB said...

Because you don't mess with perfection.

Very envious you are in Vegas!

Mostly Nothing said...

I marvel at the 60s and 70s when they put out videos like this that are so obviously not playing.

Why didn't the artists actually play the song during the video, even if they weren't recording it? Love the close up on the guitar solo and he's just strumming away in any old fashion. And the bassist was strumming too! Hilarious.

Fabulous song though.

Dean said...

B-Daddy, love "Tobacco Road". Thanks for the link.

MN, I'm assumming it was just a promotional video similar to what you would see on MTV years later.

I've never really had a problem with this fake-live approach as long as they didn't butcher it too much.

Anonymous said...

I always thought this a CCR tune when I was young.

Dean said...

'Dawg, that was the idea. You can't go wrong with CCR. ;)

/greatest American rock band ever?