Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Video clip of the day


Bill Whittle takes on the 6th deadly sin and with it progressives/statists both here and abroad.

(video about 6-1/2 minutes)

If we can't get envy out of our hearts maybe we can at least get it out of our government.

This whole notion of “paying your fair share” and the “1-percenters” is laughable on its face when we have a progressive tax code whereby half the country doesn’t even pay income tax. Puts a whole new light on “paying your fair share” when it's viewed from that angle, now, doesn’t it?

We could never figure out why a flat tax rate or a national sales tax (that would tax consumption rather the wealth you produce) in lieu of the federal income tax never got more traction. Woops – that’s right. Because it would be reflexively opposed by half of this country that doesn’t pay federal income tax and a good number of their minders who do pay federal income tax and are counting on for political and/or twisted philosophical reasons, in keeping these people in a permanent underclass status.

Whittle’s right, though. If everyone paid the same income tax rate, tax hikes would be a lot less politically viable and, yep, which represents another reason why our flat tax/federal income tax championing never seems to get off top-dead-center.

Oh, well. Guess we’ll take a seat over in the corner with the tin-foil hat and flat-earth types and just keep our mouths shut before anyone starts getting to suspicious of us.


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