Thursday, September 6, 2012

Video clip of the day

Taking a look at the inherent folly that is public employee unions:

Entrance question(s): How does it make any sense for a public employee union to have the ability to heavily influence who it is they will be negotiating with for salaries, benefits and pensions?

And, further, how does it make any sense for a portion of, say, a teacher's salary (which is, as you all know, tax-payer money) to be involuntarily confiscated in order to make the above happen?

What this "war on unions" comes down to is for allowing employees to choose whether or not they want to join the union and whether or not they choose for a portion of their salary to be committed to union causes. And finally, what this "war on unions" is about is a scaling back of the abilities of the unions to negotiate the outrageous pension packages that are currently bankrupting states and municipalities around the country.


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