Monday, September 3, 2012

Programming Note (UPDATED)


Today is #EmptyChairDay

We're going to spend part of the day, running around and taking pictures of empty chairs in relevant locations. We'll be using Twitter and this updated blog post later in the day to document our efforts.

Join in on the fun. We'll try to get your pix posted here as well.

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(H/T): Legal Insurrection and Temple of Mut

(UPDATE #1):

The great #EmptyChairDay journey gets underway...

Time to go down to University Avenue...

Really cool Tiki-themed shop shuttered about 6 months ago. #Obamakilllist

But, poon...?

...apparently Obama-proof

To Mt. Helix:

#TheWarOnReligion #ReligiousFreedom

Back down the hill. Let's see how long this business sticks around as its kind has been targeted by ObamaCare.

#ObamaTax #ObamaCare #Obamakilllist

And finally, let's check out a place where we are all feeling the pain...

Record high gas prices. Remember when gas was only about $1.87 when ol' you know who left office?

We may add more but that concludes things for now on our totally excellent adventure for #EmptyChairDay.




Ohioan@Heart said...

Empty Chair? I always thought he was M.T. Suit...

SarahB said...

Excellent journey! I need to take a pic outside the dollar store that just went under in Esco.

drozz said...

yeah, but BOOSH artificially inflated prices to pay off his oil buddies.

K T Cat said...


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