Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo image of the day


Just got back from Vegas and we were knocking around our Twitter feed and caught this beauty.


Obama may defy conventional wisdom that an 8%+ unemployment rate will doom his designs on a 2nd term but think about it: this is an administration that not only celebrates how many people they can get on food stamps but touts said food stamps, not the private sector job growth, as an economic multiplier.

Considering the unemployment rate, the record Americans on food stamps and the fact that half of Americans pay no federal income tax, this is what political observers might refer to as a "Karl Rovian shoring up of the base."

Call us cynical but we're coming around to the fact that Team O has forgotten about strengthening the economy some time ago and is absolutely counting on the disaffected, soured on this economy but being held afloat by a gossamer's thread of faded hopenchange and continued government bennies to bring him home the vote.


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