Friday, January 11, 2008

“...and she posed in tableaux of adorable multicultural children.”

Well, we suppose that if its safe to detest Hillary again, its certainly safe for the press to prostrate themselves before her in fawning adoration, again.

Read article here for what passes as serious journalism – an account of Clinton’s campaign stop in Las Vegas.

Author Molly Ball sees a beatific Hillary gracing the homes and restaurants of Las Vegas’ citizens (and non-citizens alike). We see a “tableaux” of benign WASPy maternalism granting an audience to its pitiable little brown and black subjects.

This article is horrible. In fact, this article is such a glaring example of shameless boosterism, we’ve been seized by inspiration and are “honoring” the author by nominating it for the Beers with Demo Walter Duranty putridity in journalism award, the winner of which will be announced at the end of the year. (Duranty, New York Times’ “Man in Moscow” won a Pulitzer prize for his gallant efforts in being a Joe Stalin apologist in the 1930s. Though, thoroughly discredited, his conferment remains intact). Congratulations, Molly!


B-Daddy said...

Wow Dean, You're the best. Political reporting and a history lesson too! I feel my level of enlightenment rising already! Can I get an award too? How about a new category, "The Toadies"?

Man, I feel like a big time journalist now, too. And isn't it our feelings that count?

Dean said...

Easy there, young Jedi... you've a long, long way to go before you're recognized along with Ms. Ball as a potential Duranty awardee.

ronupnorth said...

"as a sherbet-orange desert sunset filled the sky"

Oh boy! that just warms your heart.. I think I'm going to cry.

Dean said...

Ron, Nothing like a sentence as that to set-up the reader for all the warm fuzzies to follow in that article.