Monday, July 7, 2008

It's all probably a big misunderstanding

One has to ask themselves just how “mainstream” a group whose name translated means “the Race” can become. Mayor Jerry Sanders and his merry band of bungling and hapless city council members will vote on a resolution (Item 31) tomorrow proclaiming July 8th as “National Council of La Raza Day” in the city of San Diego.

Why all the shameless pandering? La Raza will be here in town July 12-15 for their annual conference and its been, we suppose, just an assumed fact that cities like San Diego bestow honors upon bigoted agenda-driven outfits such as these.

La Raza's website seems civil enough but there is enough double-talk and code-speak contained therein to make our head-spin. It doesn't take too much time to decipher exactly what these people are all about.

If you’ve got some time, here is San Diego talk-show host Roger Hedgecock with Mayor Sanders from last week and who seems to have his Alfred E. Neuman expression locked firmly into place.

P.S. Both Barack Obama and John McCain are scheduled to address the group. Yeah, good times.

H/T: The James Hartline Report

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