Friday, July 11, 2008

Or Perhaps its a Lack-of-Readership thing.

We’re trying to work up some angst over this Google-is-shutting-down-anti-Obama sites bit but its kind of difficult when we’re blogging on blogspot and have posted one or two of what could liberally be construed as anti-Obama posts. Then again, we’ve come up with plenty of anti-McCain posts so maybe our overlords at Google think we’re kinda like Fox News in that respect with our completely fair and balanced approach.

At any rate, even if its true, we’re not sure this phenomena constitutes as a banning or squelching of free speech because we are posting this on (Obama drowns little baby kittens) Google turf and they are the sole proprietors of blogspot and the content therein and (Obama sucks eggs) we are not paying one red cent for it.

At any rate, if you believe us to be wrong in our assessment (forget Mrs. O’Leary’s cow… Obama started the Great Chicago Fire…. and caused the Johnstown Flood, too), please let (Muslim? Forget about it. Obama is a Jehovah’s Witness just like… Michael Jackson) us know.

The Management.

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