Saturday, December 11, 2010

College football Saturday open thread: The Army-Navy edition

The 111th meeting of Army-Navy goes down later today in Philadelphia. For the first time in ages both Army (6-5) and Navy (9-3) will be going to bowl games. Army is set to take on Southern Methodist University in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl in Dallas and Navy will be facing San Diego St. at the Poinsettia Bowl here in San Diego which we will be attending and which will represent a case of torn loyalties.

This game had traditionally been played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and then about 20 years ago they bumped it to the first Saturday in December. Then, just a couple-three years ago they moved it yet again to the second Saturday in December. After thinking the move somewhat gimmicky, we now see it as a stroke of genius as there are no competing games save some lower division playoff games, so what is already one of college football's best rivalry now has somewhat of a bowl game feel to it as well. Well played, gents.

Go Navy - Beat Army.


Foxfier said...

Go Navy- BEAT ARMY!!!

B-Daddy said...

Nice picture and post. Navy's 9th straight victory is unprecedented in such a heretofore evenly matched rivalry.
Looking forward to the Poinsettia Bowl. SDSU should be favored, they beat Air Force who beat Navy, but Navy performs well in post-season and will have a shorter lay off.

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