Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileakspalooza Pt. IV


In truth, Assange is a sorry product of the postmodern West. He reminds us of the morality of Western shock artists who freely caricature Christianity on the hallowed principle of free speech, but, in a nano-second, censor themselves when Islam might provide an even larger target for their cynical secular disdain. WikiLeaks is the journalistic equivalent of a Piss Christ exhibition of the contemporary art world — a repellent reminder of the cowardly selectivity of the shock-jock huckster.


Now, the reaction to the leaks has also been abysmal. Calling for death for Assange is unacceptable, the real traitor is the American with the clearance who downloaded and removed the material. We need to keep a level head on the matter. Perhaps a life prison term for PFC Bradley Manning will be appropriate punishment to deter others.

Julian Assange is a self-aggrandizing cad who appears to be quite selective in how he exhibits his righteous indignation. Having said that, we are extremely uncomfortable with these honeytrap sex offense allegations as it sets a very bad precedent for those who appear to be cheezing off the right and/or wrong people depending upon your perspective.

As for ourselves, we're still in receive mode but we are finding it difficult to exercise any moral outrage as we've really seen nothing yet that would warrant it. Quite the contrary as the most salacious tid-bits this prince of transparency has released has displayed our diplomatic corps to be a hard-working and dedicated lot that are working for the best interests of this country.

Exit question: Would people be as outrageously outraged were this whole sorry affair to take place during the previous administration?


steve said...

Most of the cables show that the diplomats are pretty sharp also. However, the cables did reveal that contractors were using you tax money to provide children for sex in Afghanistan.


Dean said...

That's disgusting. If proven true, people should swing.

Road Dawg said...

Where are the journalists investigating?