Sunday, December 12, 2010

Opening salvo?

Via The Liberator Today:

Indiana governor, Mitch Daniels, looking and sounding very Presidential in this take down of ObamaCare.

Daniels brings up a couple of good points regarding ObamaCare and that is ObamaCare did not accomplish any actual "reform", rather it further junked-up an already heavily-bureaucratized system with increased mandates and regulations.

Also, with all those goodies thrown into ObamaCare, a scenario for overconsumption is being set up and which will only be exacerbated by a current and future doctor shortage as revealed in an Investors Business Daily poll which showed doctors heading for the exits with the advent of ObamaCare.

And we like Daniels slipping in "perish in the queue" as just one of those, you know, down home colloquialisms they use over there in Great Britain with respect to their owne health care system. Just a fact of life, in a manner of speaking, right?

Click on over to the link provided above for B-Daddy's analysis on what Daniels referred as a "truce" on social issues.

It's still early but we like what we've heard thus far from this plain-Jane Midwesterner. As corny as his "my record" is my charisma narrative may seem, I think we can all agree we've had quite enough of "charismatic" leaders of late.


SarahB said...

Huh, haven't heard Daniels before. Like what I'm seeing in this clip. Like it a lot. May have to add him to Gov. McDonnell for list of 2010 favorites (and that would be a hell NO to Romney, Huckabee and Palin).

B-Daddy said...

Dean, thanks for the link. I think the country is ready for a break from ideologically driven Presidents, left and right. Not that Daniels doesn't have an ideology, its just not front and center with him, performance is. One of the false memes from 2008 was that only Democrats are competent to run government. Obama has proved that they can be very incompetent, Daniels proves that Republicans can be very competent indeed.

steve said...

Agree that Daniels has some potential. OTOH, the IBD article should be taken as humor or parody (same guys who said Hawking would be dead if he got care from the NHS). You will not see docs retiring. They are all talk when it comes to this kind of stuff. None of my staff are quitting.


Dean said...

Because reducing reimbursement rates and dealing with more regulations and bureaucracy is such an incentive to staying in the medical field.

My prediction: Assuming the median doctor age mirrors that of our aging work force, I think we'll see more and more doctors simply retiring earlier than planned.