Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just a reminder...

... of what we're up against.

Here's Keith Ellison (D-MN) going all John Lennon at something called the Network of Spiritual Progressives conference this past June.

"And God willing, one day the border will become an irrelevancy."

"... equity, generosity and engagement in our relations with other nations."

Because it was that and gift baskets that defeated Nazi Germany and saved Europe back in WW II.

Keith Ellison is a silly man. Unfortunately, because he is part of the law-making body of this country, he is a silly and dangerous man.

For nearly two years there have been "extremists" protesting and demonstrating for fiscal discipline and recognition of constitutional checks on the power of government that have been called out by the media and even elected representatives of the government. How is it then, that this guy and his pie-in-sky lefty utopianism gets a pass?

As idiotic as he sounds, because of the position he holds, he cannot be ignored.

Again, with respect to comprehensive immigration reform, this is the face of the opposition of which we find very little common ground which to negotiate.

They talk of compassion for the millions of people "living in the shadows" when the end game is no borders at all and a pathway not to citizenship but rather a chaotic, grievance-based, anti-American, 3rd world socialism.