Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The most evil man in history learns of Scott Walker's victory



Nice California reference, no?

Here's B-Daddy with some words of wisdom on last nights election results from Wisconsin:

The tax breaks for the rich part is gratuitous leftist clap trap that had nothing to do with the recall campaign against Walker, so I'll just ignore that. The core of the argument is that the workers who can use political power to get above market wages should do so, too bad if the taxpayers are on the losing end of the proposition. They should all be in unions as well.

Fortunately, this is a fantasy, as private sector union membership has been in steady decline for decades. Ultimately, state workers shouldn't get better benefits than their private sector counterparts. This is especially true of retirement and medical benefits as these costs have a way of ballooning while not directly being tied to the efficacy of the work performed. To suggest that its somehow right for state workers to lord it over the taxpayers because they have organized into unions is to pave the way for dictatorship. When government workers feel unaccountable because they can elect whom they choose, we are on the road to dictatorship. I am not exaggerating, this is a scary path. This is why Walker's impressive victory tonight is so important for the nation.

Some of our random thoughts:

- Walker appeared to have outperformed many of the polling projections we saw. Could he have possibly been the beneficiary of a reverse Bradley effect?

- The common whine we hear coming from the left is that Walker simply outspent his opponent and that all that money in politics was ruining democracy. This is a rather curious complaint coming from a set of people whose Presidential candidate back in 2008 became the first candidate in history to forego public financing so he could raise as much jack as he pleased. It becomes curiouser still when one considers this same man has held more fundraisers than all the other President's combined since Nixon. Much like bashing Bain while raising money from private equity firms, there's a circle there that has yet to be squared.

- And, yes, rumors of the tea party's demise have been greatly exaggerated.


SarahB said...

Hookers and blow, nice!

I've reached a place where I"m glad they talk about the tea party being dead...just leaves them with their pants down when they lose.

Androw said...

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Road Dawg said...

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