Saturday, June 16, 2012

Radio KBwD is on the air


Our Pandora app has been such a blessing as it has drawn us back into a passion for music that we had drifted away from the past few years.

In particular, our Gram Parsons channel has re-acquainted us with the alt-country genre that remains more faithful to it's roots than what you hear spewing forth from the radio today and which we were lucky enough to stumble across in the discount CD bin 10-12 years ago.*

Ladies and Gentlemen, via Uncle Tupelo, its Wilco performing "Someday Soon".



* That Johnny Cash is on that CD speaks volumes in favor of our contention.



Anonymous said...

excellent choice

Road Dawg said...

discovering more good music through pandora. there are whole sub-genre's. I like a little of the new music, but when I hear something I like, I can put it on pandora and find a world of music I didn't know was out there.